If you are waiting for a callback from 111

The callback service is very busy. You might have to wait longer to get a call.

If you have booked a callback, it is in the queue. The time you will wait is based on the symptoms you told us about.

How do I get a callback?

Depending on your symptoms, you may have been offered a callback from a nurse when you used 111. You cannot request one.

Why does it take so long?

People with the more serious symptoms are called back first.

Do I need to request another callback?

No. You do not need to contact 111 again unless your symptoms have changed or got worse.

What if my callback is later than I expected?

If your symptoms have not changed, continue to wait for the nurse to call you.

What if the symptoms get worse while I’m waiting?

Call 111 for children under 5. Anyone over the age of 5 can check their symptoms online or call 111.

If you have signs of a heart attack, severe difficulty breathing, stroke, heavy bleeding, serious injury, seizures, severe allergic reaction or have tried to end your life, call 999 now.

What if I miss the call?

A nurse will try and call you up to 3 times. If they cannot contact you they will leave a message, but you will not be able to call them back.

You will have to start your assessment again.

Can I cancel the call?

No. The nurse needs to check you're ok. If you feel better or have got help elsewhere, tell the nurse when they call.