Get medical help near you

  1. Answer questions about your main symptom.
  2. Find out when and where to get help.
  3. Be contacted by a nurse, if needed.

If you think you know what might be wrong, you can find advice on health problems on NHS.UK.

If you’ve run out of your prescribed medicines, find out how to get an emergency prescription.

Get help in another language

If reading English is hard for you

Call 111. The 111 phone service can get an interpreter to help you.

If speaking in English is hard for you

If you're told to book a nurse call back, you can tell the nurse what language you'd like an interpreter to use.

If you need to contact a hospital or a GP surgery, interpreter help will usually be available.

Using this service if you're deaf or hard of hearing

We tell you what to do next about your symptoms. Sometimes this will mean getting a call back from a nurse.

It's not yet possible to do this online, although we hope to make this available soon.

You will have to call 18001 111 using text relay and start again.

British sign language (BSL) users

A BSL interpreter is available at

You can't use 111 online to book a BSL call back from a nurse at the moment.

Always follow any medical advice you’ve already been given by your doctor. See our terms.